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SAMURE is composed out of a partnership network of individual professionals and highly dedicated specialized organizations. SAMURE is driven by an experienced team of service minded entrepreneurs who collaborate on various projects since 1998.

Experience within SAMURE management  focuses on training and simulation:

Started out in traditional training solutions for mainstream companies  including team building early 90’s after completing hotel management studies.

Adapted technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality for professional training and simulation mid 90’s

Developed High End Virtual and optronics platform  for defense and education, automotive and mining organizations.

This platform was based on FLCOS displays from CRL opto (now Forth DD microdisplay) and electronics developed by the company founded by Mr de Jong sr.

As no optical expertise was available in the Netherlands the optic assemblies were sourced abroad.

Using optics from UK companies such as Davin and BJR but the earliest Hololens/Metaglasses type goggles were assembled using see through optics from DEOCOM in Korea in 1998.

From 2000 a versatile platform was able to assemble small series of Simulated Night Vision Goggles, Pilot Visors, Virtual and Augmented simulation displays for worldwide distribution.

Additional expertise required to develop and sell optronics:

  • Tracking, Machine vision, biofeedback
  • Motion capture systems including suits, Data Gloves, scanners.
  • The product components such as optical assemblies were developed using 3D printing.
  • Big Data Analysis and visualizations was used for complex simulations

Now we offer platform independent advise and support for product and business development in the field of Mixed Reality, IOT, Virtual prototyping.

Our practical experience and down to earth approach is now incorporated in our format ConceptCooker.

Vision statement

We want to excel in supporting existing and new businesses achieving their objectives using a sound mind, down to earth approach, unlimited ambitions while focusing on tangible results

Examples of past projects
  • Full service food and beverage concept
  • Acquisition and integration of electronics manufacturer,
  • Development of pain management serious games brand,
  • Merger of governmental departments,
  • Funding Augmented and Virtual Reality company,
  • Implementation of corporate structure including secretary departments and cloud based infrastructure,
  • Corporate brand high tech company,
  • B2B leisure concept development and implementation
  • Product portfolio development Near to Eye technology



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