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SAMURE is composed out of a partnership network of individual professionals and highly dedicated specialized organizations. SAMURE is driven by an experienced team of service-minded entrepreneurs who collaborate on various projects since 1998.
SAMURE combines decades of extensive experience with data visualization,, pattern recognition, Virtual Augmented, and Mixed reality. Our hands on experience started out in traditional training solutions for mainstream companies including team building activities  with networked multiplayer serious games in the early 90’s. This evolved in the development and integration of  technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality for professional training and simulation in the mid  90’s.
 High End Virtual and  Augmented Reality optronics platform for defense and education, automotive and mining organizations has been created.
Additional expertise required to develop and sell Near to Eye technologies:
– Tracking, Machine vision, biofeedback
– Motion capture systems including suits, Data Gloves, scanners.
– The product components such as optical assemblies were developed using 3D printing.
– Big Data Analysis and visualizations were used for complex simulations

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Combining expertise and experience we now offer platform-independent advise and support for product and business development in the field of Mixed Reality, IOT and Virtual/rapid prototyping.
Our objective is to create Augmented Intelligence for User-Centered Content Generation.  With our building blocks we, through co-creation with the end/begin user we define what content is required for a specific application.
To achieve our ambition to create an Augmented Intelligence Engine we participate in R&D programs such as:
In other words, how can we present content that is relevant and valuable for a specific user and application?
What data needs to be “on” what is the requirement and what makes sense!?

We work for homeland security, education and industry and create situational awareness concepts, condition based maintenance solutions and digital twins.
Our practical experience and down to earth approach is now incorporated in our format ConceptCooker.
The ConceptCooker is a makeathon that incorporates ingredients (technologies and expertise) from different markets to realize challenges. The overall theme is the digital transformation of organizations in the new era that includes IoT, 5G, AI, Blockchain, and MR.

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